Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up

It seems like every time I post, I am always apologizing about how long it has been since my last post! All it seems I ever do is do "catch up" posts. I wish I could be creative and blog often to update everyone about our amazing lives, but unfortunately, the fact is that we are just not that interesting! I think that is why I am so addicted to drama-ridden reality TV. There! Now you all know my guilty pleasure! Our life is so monotonous and normal and that is why it is soooooo entertaining to me to see other people having mental breakdowns or freak-outs on national TV. So the moral of the story is that between school, work, reality TV, and being a mom, there is just no time to blog!
So, sorry again friends, here goes another catch up

Well for starters: our baby is amazing and so adorable.

I mean really, how can you even resist a baby in dad's hat??

Also, you can see from the picture that he is standing/walking! It's a miracle because we thought he would never walk....he is kinda lazy and only does things if he wants to

So the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids have less than 2 hours of "screen time" per day. Well, call me a bad mom if you will, because I put my kid in front of the ipad or tv whenever I need "me time" and I am pretty sure it adds up to more than 2 hours/day. Must have inherited his love of TV from me...except his guilty pleasure is Toy Story 3, not Real Housewives.

For Halloween he was a Chicken and got sooooooo much candy. Wayyyyyy too much candy!

Other things of note:
  • G gashed his eyelid open and had to go to Primary Children's for sedation and stitches. 7 stitches to be exact. Ever seen a baby coming off of Ketamine? I have now and there is nothing funnier than a "drunken baby"
  • At any given time, we have at least 1 fort built in the basement for G. Simply because he loves them. He especially loves watching Toy Story in his fort :)
  • We took family pictures, and it was a disaster. Don't ever want to do that again
  • It may be shocking to most everyone, but Aaron sold his beloved truck "Little Brown". In it's stead we bought a Toyota Camry and a Subaru Tribeca. Aaron then proceeded to crash his car a month later. He was literally down the street from our house when it happened. We were thinking it would be totaled but no, we instead spent one month with one car while it was getting fixed in the shop.
  • As stated in a prior post, I have been running a lot lately. However, I haven't run since it started getting cold (about September). Somehow my friend Nici talked me into doing a Thanksgiving day 10K race. Still not sure why I did it, but it was an incredible feeling to turn the final corner and take off in a dead sprint to the finish line. Once I could walk again (3 days later), I was glad I did it. May not ever happen again though
  • This past weekend, we went to Flaming Gorge (as always) to stay in the lodge and chop a Christmas tree. This year, we found an amazing tree and had a great time. G especially loved hanging out with Grandpa (he has a new weird attachment to gpa) and actually started saying "gapa" on the trip.
  • Finally, my fourth semester is almost done!!!!! And most importantly, my thesis is almost done!!!! I defend in 2 weeks and I have never been so excited for something to be over with. It's all downhill after that!


angie said...

Love it all! So glad you updated, I miss you bunches. I wish when i come to Utah to visit the fam that I had more time to come and visit you too!

Amanda said...

I am super bummed I missed your first race! You make me laugh with your talk of drama ridden t.v. That is why we are friends, we have the same view on all the real important stuff like that. :)